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spots, wild cat, tattoo, Ocelot, Jungle cat

dead people and huge snakes

Posted by throp_vamp on 2006.06.08 at 04:25
Current Location: Old Orchard Beach
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The man's skin was past rotting and it had started to turn shoe leather brown. Were old skin tarred away from the rest of the body. The flesh glimmered as if burnt or his body was lacking in any moisture. He had no clothes on but at the same time he wore his dead skin just as if it was clothing. He wobbled forward slowly not saying anything nor exspressing any emotions.

I was whisked away to a tree. It was a large tree with broad leaves and large sturdy branches. My only thought was how could such a huge living thing be in with so many dead people. The branches of the tree moves and these small humanoid like people came down and carried me up into the tree. They had no expressions or any way to tell between girl or boy. In the tree, I met a snake that was more massive then any snake I have seen before. I knew it was a she, the little people seemed to take care of her as if she was a queen and one of a kind. I watched her and she let me, not seeming to care I was there. I think I was there a long time or in time for her important event. She gave birth to many eggs each with their own sort of design or markings. Unlike any snake I have know she nestled them around in her nest and keep them warm. Then I saw the most scariest, to me any way, design on the eggs. It was a face, one red eye, one black eye. Above each eye were almost like gill markings. It scared me the most because as she moved to organize them, that one seemed to look out at me as if I was marked for his later dinner.

spots, wild cat, tattoo, Ocelot, Jungle cat

the mind is never blank

Posted by throp_vamp on 2006.05.30 at 23:39
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oh, my jaw hurts. The pain feels like wires and needles caressing the inside of my mouth. then jabbing their cold steel into the very pores of my outer layers of skin. making my jaw lock and change. A vice twisted amongst the head then pulled off at the tightest it could go. pulling with hair and bits of flesh. The pain is much but one can't scream with jaw wired shut. there is always the muffled sounds of a scream, but does that count? Does it even matter?

spots, wild cat, tattoo, Ocelot, Jungle cat
Posted by throp_vamp on 2005.06.13 at 21:00
Lost in her only world of confusion. A world run by the very ones who crated her. why was she different to every one else, could she ever be the same as them. would she want to.

alas she sighs as slowly the dullness of the butter knife's blade rubbed against her flesh. should she add presser or just the raw heat of the friction of the blade show her she still lives by pain.

spots, wild cat, tattoo, Ocelot, Jungle cat
Posted by throp_vamp on 2005.05.08 at 19:35
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Tackled to the bed. A bed so soft that one seemed to sink into the comfert. she only lay there as her man meat was pulling her black pants down and away form her well shaped bottom and legs. Next to go was her lacy seagreen underwear. Both tossed aside like trash.

He waited no more, mere sight of her womanhood made him mad with lust. He leans down and tatses of her warm jucies flowing from her excitment. The taste so sweet, he kisses up to her belly button then lifts up her shirt and continues on. taking off her bra and caresses the niples with his tounge. meanwhile inserting his penis into her. she moans as she can feel it going in further and further till it can't no more. she has no need to fight, so she lets her body take over. the blissfulness of being touched in so many places and in such wonderful ways.

Minds wander on as he takes her body as his and they both explode many diffrent times during the four hours of heated passion and love.

Sleep takes them after, intertwinded in each other's arms. Unknowing of the watchful eyes nearby.

spots, wild cat, tattoo, Ocelot, Jungle cat
Posted by throp_vamp on 2005.05.08 at 19:28
As life is drained away from us all we look else were for comfert. But blood and guts follow us all day and every day. Just because we can't see something doesn't mean it's not there.

spots, wild cat, tattoo, Ocelot, Jungle cat
Posted by throp_vamp on 2004.09.28 at 07:50
(Hansel, aka stranger)
[extends gloved hand down towards sheila.]
"you are bleeding miss. Let me help you up."

spots, wild cat, tattoo, Ocelot, Jungle cat

The first entry

Posted by throp_vamp on 2004.06.03 at 10:45
Current Mood: creativecreative
[The blood ran off the car like it was repealed by the paint job. Shiela picked herself up from the ground. Turned and saw the Large mass of a man standing behind her with a baseball bat.]

Sheila: I'm telling you, I don't have any money on me.

[Bleeding from her mouth she looked as the man readied for another blow. He stopped, something or someone was holding the bat so he couldn't swing. She could not see clearly any more for her glasses had been nocked of. The person that had been holding the bat went flying against a far wall. The hit must have nocked him out or killed him beacuase he did not move. Then strange figure stood there for a second.]

Stranger: are you ok?